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Bryce is not the guy he used to be.

High school is hard enough without looking like a monster, but for Bryce, it’s worse. Scars cover his body, and he can’t even remember going to school. Ever. He can’t remember anything before waking from a coma in his uncle’s basement.

Within minutes of walking through the doors of Franklin Delano High, he wonders if he can survive a single day. But then he meets a girl. And Shelley isn’t like the other girls. She sees past the scars to who Bryce truly is.

“You are not who you think you are.”

Just as things begin looking up, Bryce finds these cryptic words on a note in his locker. But who is it from? And what does it mean? The search for answers leads him down a grisly path.

Buried deep within the only home he’s ever known, Bryce makes a gruesome discovery when he finally opens the padlocked freezer in the basement. Hidden beneath the ice lies the key to unlocking his true identity and solving the mystery surrounding his “loving” uncle.

What Bryce uncovers is so shocking, it threatens not only his life but the life of the girl he loves. He’ll have to confront his past if he wants to save his future.